EPA! is the affordable innovative solution from Edge Americas to stream both VOD and LIVE video content over the Internet.


Because we develop custom catalogs for each client, EPA! delivers TV shows and movies that fit in your brand strategy.


EPA! is built over a powerful core platform bundled with a versatile set of apps that ensures optimal performance for every user.
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Edge is a technology company established in 2002 as an Internet content distribution solutions provider, acting as the official representative in South America for Akamai, the global CDN leader. Through the following years, Edge has diversified their services and has become one of the main latin companies for online video streaming.

Rafael Ibañez

TCI Holding Executive President

He has had a long career initially in the systems department of various companies,  where he developed himself for more than 12 years, until he decided, in 1996, to accept the challenge posed by the telecommunications, occupying management and direction positions in companies such as Diveo Argentina and SkyOnline Latam – in which he was the COO, responsible for the operations and M&A in Latin America.

Mario Mongini

TCI Holding Executive Director & Edge Technology Founder

He has more than 30 years of experience in management positions in companies such as AT&T and IBM, fulfilling roles throughout all Latin America. He founded the company in 2002.

Sergio Exner

Edge Technology CEO

He has vast experience in companies such as IBM, AT&T, Metrored. He has been a partner of the company since 2008.
TCI Holding is a an investment group specialized in technology companies. Some of those companies are operating since 10 or more years, with a strong level of awareness in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Uruguay and the United States.