EPA! is the affordable innovative solution from Edge Americas to stream both VOD and LIVE video content over the Internet.

Strong Partnership

We build bridges between companies, content producers and technology providers to execute your business strategy.

Technologically Smart

EPA! ensures reliability and scalability, as well as versatile and fast deployments, using state-of-the-art technologies. (*)

Seamless Integration

EPA! is fully customizable to fit your brand identity. It can also be connected to your current CRM solution or other customer databases.

Consultative Approach

We’re industry specialists who develop custom content catalogs for every individual client, based on their audience and their commercial goals.

Everybody in Mind

EPA! delivers high quality media through every popular device available today: TVs, desktop computers, tablets and smartphones.

All-Size-Business Ready

EPA! is a cost-effective solution for SMBs as well as large corporations. Our pricing fits everyone’s budget.

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EPA! is Edge Americas’ innovative solution for streaming LIVE and VOD content over the Internet. Created with focus in delivering a powerful user experience to the audience.
EPA! is the ideal platform to fulfill both Media and Corporate needs.